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Together towards a simpler life.

18 households have taken on the GoSimple Challenge –
A look forward and back.

Closing Conference GoSimple 2022

During a six-month program from March to the end of October 2022, 16 households will face the challenge of making their everyday lives more economical, simpler and more sustainable.

This ambitious project is accompanied by workshop meetings and online expert talks on various key topics. Above all, exchange among each other is actively encouraged in order to support each other in gradually adapting their personal lifestyle towards sufficiency.


17:00 Welcome!
17:10 GoSimple Pilot Program 2022 — What happened so far!
17:20 Impulse lecture Rob Hopkins (online)
followed by discussion (hybrid)
18:00 Outlook GoSimple program 2023 and 2024
18:15 Question and answer session and aperitif for guests on site
19:30 Goodbye!


Keynote speech by Rob Hopkins

With a keynote speech by Transition Network founder Rob Hopkins and a subsequent discussion, we would like to inspire the GoSimple idea and present the adapted GoSimple program for 2023 in Basel-Stadt.


Presented by Janine Kern

Lecturer, communications consultant, copywriter and moderator. Appreciates dialogues in trusting spaces and enjoys writing in German and English.

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