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Your way to a
simpler life.

With GoSimple you go on an exciting journey with your household and like-minded people: workshops, expert discussions, challenges and much more. Make your everyday life simpler, more environmentally friendly and more future-oriented.

“We learned lots of tools to help us move towards ‘less is more,’” says Cindy.

"If many people live like this, we can make a difference. The more households take part in the challenge, the larger the network becomes and more offers emerge - not just for the participants, but for the whole city."


Interview with the Basler Zeitung from 03.12.2022

2022 GoSimple ZeroWaste 060.jpg

Photo: Bettina Matthiessen 

Foto: Betina Matthiessen 

2022 GoSimple Lokaler Konsum 02.jpg

Foto: Bettina Matthiessen 

The easiest way is to do it step by step, adds Jan:


"Of course, we are happy to pass on our tips. The most important thing is the trust that every sustainable action has an overall impact."

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A four-month journey

It's straightforward: over four months, you and your household, together with many others, complete a varied, entertaining, and engaging program.

In concrete terms, this means four workshops and four challenges on several topics. This will help you learn more about conscious consumption, where there are great offers in Basel, and you can exchange ideas with like-minded people.

GoSimple aims to increase your satisfaction through a simple life and have a lasting impact on the world of tomorrow.

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The simpler we make our lives, the more manageable they become. At the same time, we save resources - those of the earth and our own. GoSimple is a way to start living a more sustainable and contented life. We support you and your household in trying out new things, developing alternative routines, and living in a more environmentally friendly way.

Who is behind it?

GoSimple was designed by the GreenUp association. 

GreenUp is a non-profit organization from Basel. Under the motto “less is more”, GreenUp organizes positive and innovative workshops, events and projects throughout Switzerland.

Learn more about the team and GoSimple partners.

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