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 Pilot-Program 2022

The GoSimple concept has already been tested with a group of 16 households. For six months, the participants faced the challenge of living simpler, more environmentally friendly and happier lives and were supported from March to October 2022 in integrating new habits into their everyday lives. Thanks to this pilot program, valuable insights were gained for the further development of GoSimple.

Based on an online questionnaire that households completed before and after participation and which was conducted jointly with the University of Basel was developed, it was shown that the GoSimple program has measurable effects. For example, for the participants personally, who gained a significant amount of knowledge and are now very familiar with the existing services in Basel. In addition, everyone in society benefits from reduced waste, less meat consumption and the use of alternative mobility.

In addition, GoSimple strengthens local initiatives and projects that have been worked with and in which GoSimple participants are now involved beyond the actual duration of the program.

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