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About Us


Eniko Halo Co-Project Manager I believe in initiatives enabling mindset change in individuals and communities to drive toward a more sustainable future. My motto is “Energy flows where attention goes”. Accordingly, I pay attention to reducing my personal and societal environmental impact improving the resource efficiency of my life, and making positive changes around me. I love spending time outdoors with my family and immersing myself in nature in a mindful way.

Nicole Keller Co-Project Manager I love being amazed by the beauty of nature over and over again, be it while foraging for mushrooms with my children or when snowboarding in the forests of Davos.

Nina Steiner Communications Manager

They combine their passion and knowledge of living a life where less is more with an entrepreneurial background. 








GoSimple is a project by GreenUp , a non-profit organization based in Basel that has been active throughout Switzerland since 2016. Through positive projects, events, and workshops, we enable people to discover the joy and happiness of a more sustainable lifestyle for themselves and our environment.


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