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in a compact online format directly from our experts.
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The one-hour sessions with proven experts on various GoSimple topics convey specialist knowledge and provide space for subsequent discussions. 
Anyone interested is welcome to attend; participation is free of charge. 
The number of participants is limited - register now!

Previous Talks

Portrait Sonja Schönberg

Healthy diet, healthy planet?

Expert talk with Sonja Schönberg on September 19, 2023

Every meal we eat affects our personal well-being, but also the health of the planet. But what constitutes a healthy and sustainable diet? Should we really avoid meat products completely or is it much more beneficial to consistently buy regional and seasonal food? What is the difference between the classic food pyramid and a diet that tries to make a contribution to preserving planetary boundaries? And what are the economy and politics actually doing to ensure that we as end consumers can achieve this ?


In the online talk with nutritionist Sonja Schönberg we discuss these and other questions and learn exciting examples of sustainable solutions in relation to our

Know your diet.


About Sonja Schönberg

Sonja Schönberg, MSc. from the Bern University of Applied Sciences teaches in the field of sustainable nutrition and planetary health, and her research focuses on the topic of meat consumption. She is co-leader of a working group that examines the development of health professions in the face of the ongoing environmental crisis and is involved in the training of future nutritionists.

Portrait Anaïs Sägesser

Living a contented and frugal life – how much is (good) enough?

Expert talk with Anaïs Sägesser on 2 November 2023

What is a successful life for us? How can each of us, as private individuals, as professionals and as members of civil society, contribute to staying within the planetary limits through our lifestyle? How do we free ourselves from the constant pressure to consume? How can this contribute to greater satisfaction and a successful life? What is time wealth and what influence do our values, everyday practices and social innovations have on us being able to achieve it? Anaïs Sägesser shares with us her expertise as a pioneer of social transformation. She also provides numerous inspiring examples from her own path to a fulfilled life on which   By focusing on the essentials, you can experience a lot of freedom and joy.


About Anaïs Sägesser

Anaïs combines working in and with nature with working on ourselves. In transformative learning processes, she accompanies groups of people to rediscover the connection to themselves, nature, others and the greater whole. She works with a warm heart and a sharp mind, transdisciplinarily and always collaboratively with others. She is co-founder of scaling4good - an organization dedicated to systemic change for vitality within the planetary resilience limits. She also teaches at ETH Zurich and HSG St. Gallen, is a board member at RCE - Zurich, Baselwandel, a member of the scientific advisory board of td-net, part of the sustainability advisory board of ZHdK, Mahadevi Yoga Centre and is an expert for Innosuisse.

Portrait Simon Kettner

Basel on the move – climate-friendly arrival

Expert talk with Simon Kettner on November 22, 2023

What do mobility and quality of life have to do with each other? What measures are being taken to ensure that we can satisfy our mobility needs? What is being done to protect residents from the negative effects of traffic ? Where does the canton get its inspiration for future projects and what goals are being pursued? Simon Kettner provides an insight into the Basel-Stadt mobility strategy and answers our questions, which we repeatedly come across in everyday life and which the canton has certainly already dealt with.


About Simon Kettner

Civil engineer Simon Kettner has been working on transport planning issues for over 30 years, and since 2009 in the Mobility Strategy Department in the Canton of Basel-Stadt. The office's motto "more mobility, less traffic" serves as his guideline. He developed the canton's transport policy principles and coordinated them with the region and political decision-makers. He is therefore very familiar with the canton's mobility strategy, which was adopted by the government council in January 2023.


Christmas - Slow and Simple.


Expert talk with Tara Welschinger on December 4, 2023

Instead of getting caught up in the rush of gifts, lavish Christmas meals and other consumerism, we can take a different approach during this time of year. But how exactly?

Tara Welschinger shares her lifelong experiences online for a simpler Christmas season. Take your chance and ask Tara about her decisions, what drives her and her tips. Take part in this interactive event and start your Christmas season relaxed and happy.


About Tara Welschinger

The zero-waste pioneer Tara Welschinger founded the first unpackaged store FOIFI in Zurich many years ago. With her contributions such as "Having few possessions is a luxury" she has since inspired many people to live a simpler life. Now she uses her experiences and runs the office of the Green City of Zurich, but is still an activist and constantly tries to lead a sufficient and socially and ecologically responsible lifestyle. She will share her findings with us and inspire us in this pre-Christmas period!


Mobility for a livable world

Expert talk with Katja Diehl on October 3, 2022

Our seventh GoSimple Online Talk was an intensive question-and-answer session. In this way, we were able to go beyond pure mobility and infrastructure issues and gain a better understanding of how a society can focus more on social and ecological issues. So-called "superblocks" such as those created in Barcelona, for example, not only free people from private car traffic, but at the same time neighborhoods develop completely new qualities and people gain security on various levels.

According to Katja Diehl, "irritations" in relation to familiar and all too comfortable but harmful conditions and behavior patterns are important for change. Unfortunately, there are still far too many of these in our everyday lives. Only when we are forced to question these things does the ball start rolling - mentally, but ideally also through our actions. Which brings us to the question of our self-efficacy. Because if you lack affordable night train connections, safe cycle paths or car-sharing options in rural areas, then you have to address this specifically and take action yourself. There is no other way. And since Katja reports so convincingly and infectiously about her own activism, she will not be alone in this. We are more than convinced of that after this hour!

A big thank you, Katja Diehl, for allowing us to ask you personally and discuss things with you!


About Katja Diehl

The author of the bestseller "Autokorrektur", Katja Diehl, has dealt like no other with the potential and stumbling blocks of a real and urgently needed mobility revolution. After years of relevant professional positions, with "She Drives Mobility" she has helped the topic of alternative mobility in Germany to gain the visibility it deserves. Because mobility and the infrastructure available for it concerns us all. She pursues her work with a unique desire to create, impressive know-how and creativity. Katja Diehl does not let traffic myths and slow-downs spoil her mood, but concentrates on the solutions and persistently shares her knowledge on the topic.


Circular Business Models – Circular Business Models

Expert talk with Eva Bucherer on September 29, 2022

After a long break, we were able to talk to Eva Bucherer in our sixth GoSimple Expert Talk about companies, products and services in the spirit of the circular economy. An important basis for the subsequent discussion on this complex topic was the introduction with clear graphics and understandable models. Complemented by concrete examples of companies and products that are rarely completely circular but at least take significant steps in the right direction, we came to a better understanding of what we can all consider as end consumers. Mainly preferring used items, checking the repairability and monomaterials when making new purchases and actively asking about rental and return models make important contributions to steering demand in the right direction.


Of course, we also need a targeted political and legal framework so that business models in the spirit of the circular economy gradually replace linear concepts and ways of thinking. But in conclusion, we saw once again confirmation that we can make a difference in this area with more conscious consumer behavior and the path of small steps.

Thank you very much for this informative and entertaining hour, Eva Bucherer!


About Eva Bucherer

Eva Bucherer has set herself the goal of inspiring people and companies about the circular economy and working with them to implement it successfully. With the "Make Furniture Circular" initiative, she accompanied the Swiss furniture industry on its path to the circular economy. In addition to her consulting work, she is currently heading the CAS Sustainable Innovation at the ZHAW.

David Fäh

Healthy diet – healthy planet?

Expert talk with David Fäh on 29 June 2022

For our fifth GoSimple Expert Talk, we deliberately invited a scientist, David Fäh, who was able to familiarize us with relevant statistics and current research results and at the same time explain in an understandable way which factors need to be considered in order to protect human health and that of the planet.

A complex matter and not an easy read, but David Fäh managed to provide essential information in his lecture on, among other things, the megatrend of veganism, the appropriate consumption of animal products and the aspect of supply chains as well as water consumption in food production.
The discussion of the side effects of ultra-processed products was particularly exciting for the GoSimple challengers, as well as the numerous external guests. The ingredients of food are more likely to develop their qualities when we prepare our own food and leave as little of it as possible to the pre-processing industry. This may cost the individual a little more time in everyday life, but once again we were confirmed that it is more than worthwhile for both people and the planet to garden, chop, ferment or even make your own almond milk.

A big thank you for the exciting data and facts and especially their classification, David Fäh!


About David Fäh

The preventive medicine and health scientist is the author of numerous publications and works primarily as a lecturer at the Bern University of Applied Sciences. David Fäh is committed to enjoyable nutrition and sustainable weight control. Those who eat and drink a balanced and mindful diet not only promote their own health, but also that of our planet.

Martin Dolleschel

Basel on the move –
climate-friendly way to your destination

Expert talk with Martin Dolleschel on June 9, 2022

The fourth GoSimple Online Expert Talk was all about Basel's mobility offerings and transport infrastructure. It is evidently a great challenge to create innovative, environmentally friendly and active mobility offerings in a historically grown and densely populated urban area such as Basel. But Martin Dolleschel showed us in his presentation on the mobility strategy, its diverse measures and with impressive examples how Basel-Stadt is actively working on sustainable mobility concepts and infrastructures, among other things together with its neighboring states and municipalities.

There are many puzzle pieces that come together to promote environmentally friendly transport development, always closely linked to the questions of better quality of life and environmental protection - our central GoSimple themes! The pool of questions that were discussed afterwards was correspondingly rich and at the end the participants had little choice but to praise Martin Dolleschel and his colleagues for their committed work, the courageous pilot projects and solutions that make everyday life and getting around in the beautiful city of Basel easier for all of us. A big thank you, Martin Dolleschel!


About Martin Dolleschel

As an "ambassador" for environmentally friendly mobility, Martin Dolleschel is committed to promoting walking and cycling, public transport and sharing options at the Basel-Stadt Mobility Office. Under the umbrella brand "Basel unterwegs" he motivates and raises awareness of sustainable transport.


Living without waste

Expert talk with Flavia Müller on May 2, 2022

Our third GoSimple expert talk with Flavia Müller from Zero Waste Switzerland offered exciting insights into a life that is (almost) waste-free and by no means full of deprivation. On the contrary: in the one-hour online talk, Flavia was able to convincingly convey to us that a life without waste is not only resource-saving, but also good for your wallet and your attitude to life.

After a short introduction to the zero waste concept and impressive figures on what other households have been able to achieve in terms of waste reduction in a short space of time, we entered into a lively discussion about waste prevention and the path to a maximum of 6 kg of residual waste per year. A particular enrichment for the debate was Flavia's willingness to give concrete examples from her personal everyday life and to show where a change in behavior in everyday life is easy to achieve. In her experience, you no longer really think about your habits after about 20 days of consistent application. And there are many opportunities to get started: baking your own bread, making jam, doing without elaborate cosmetic rituals, although there is perhaps still some room for improvement when it comes to cat food. But even there it shows that you can turn a blind eye and resort to pragmatic solutions without immediately betraying your principles.

Despite all the concrete examples, there was still enough time to discuss fundamental topics, such as urgently needed innovations in the packaging sector or the separate collection and recycling of plastics. Thank you Flavia for sharing your knowledge and personal experiences with us so generously!


About Flavia Müller

As a photographer and editor, Flavia Müller works closely with NGOs and non-profit companies. She likes to spend her holidays helping with animal welfare projects or cleaning beaches. She was one of the first customers of the new unpackaged stores in the Basel region and has been working as a workshop trainer for ZeroWaste Switzerland since 2019.


Less is less — living climate-friendly

Expert talk with Mathias Plüss on April 27, 2022

In keeping with the GoSimple idea, the author Mathias Plüss gave us some very specific suggestions in our second expert talk to help us distinguish between what is important and what is not when it comes to climate protection in everyday life. Focus on the "Big 5" of the most important climate impacts, set goals, tell others about them and get started.

Of course, it's not quite that simple in individual cases. However, Plüss's well-researched compilation provides the best orientation to get started and to know which topics are sometimes over- or undervalued in the public debate. A differentiated view is of course always important and it was exciting to see that nuanced discussions could at least be hinted at even in a talk format of just one hour. Unfortunately, we were not able to follow up on all the questions raised in the climate debate to the last detail, but if you were looking for practical tips, you could start the next morning while making coffee. And if you are looking for help with the many small decisions in everyday life, we recommend that you pause for a moment and realize: in the end, less IS simply less. And with a bit of luck, this can even lead to an improvement in quality of life. We will often think of your tips and suggestions! Thank you, Mathias Plüss!


About Mathias Plüss

Mathias Plüss is a freelance science journalist and works primarily for DAS MAGAZIN. In 2020, he published the booklet "Less is less. Climate-friendly living from A to Z" with Echtzeit-Verlag - a concise compendium with the most important environmental tips for everyday life. (Photo: Tom Haller)


Digital tools for the
personal CO2 reduction

Expert talk with enerjoy by IWB on April 6, 2022
In our first one-hour GoSimple expert talk, Joël Baumgartner, Product Owner of enerjoy at the Basel energy supplier IWB, once again clearly demonstrated to us that every kilogram of CO2 that we do not release into the atmosphere counts. One way to tackle the issue on a personal level is the IWB's enerjoy app, a digital coach that accompanies and supports each of us individually on the journey of gradual CO2 reduction.

He encouraged us in his entertaining talk with many clear examples and the tip to look at where the biggest drivers of your personal carbon footprint are, but not to set yourself too big a task at the beginning. Instead of starting where it really hurts - such as hobbies that you have been pursuing for years - you should start with small activities and changes - the main thing is that you take the first step!

Afterwards, we were able to share and discuss all of our questions and feedback with Joël and also understood a little better why offsetting CO2 can make sense on the journey to the net zero goal. By offsetting, we give the planet more time to reach the urgently needed reduction targets and, on a personal level, with the help of the app, we can gradually reduce the amount to be offset the more progress we make on our individual CO2 challenges. That was an exciting talk, thank you enerjoy!

About enerjoy

The enerjoy app creates transparency about your own CO2 footprint by tracking your everyday actions and, thanks to intelligent algorithms, shows you how you can best reduce it personally.

About Joel Baumgartner

Idea generator for the enerjoy app, mastermind and puppeteer. When situations need to be approached in a structured way – Joël provides clarity. If it doesn't work, there is no such thing. If he's not working, he's probably jogging or playing with his children.

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