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Q: Can I bring children to the workshops?

A: Children are welcome in the workshop, but no special program will be organized to entertain them.

Q: Does everyone in our household have to attend all workshops?

A: We recommend that at least one family member attends each GoSimple workshop.

Q: I can't attend all the workshops, is it still OK if I register?

A: The workshop topics do not build on each other. However, we recommend attending all of them to get the most out of the GoSimple program.

Q: Are the workshops and lectures recorded?

A: Workshops are hands-on events and during the lectures we want to create an inclusive environment, so we have decided not to record the events.

Q: Are there any plans to launch additional programs in the future?

A: GreenUp plans to implement further programs. We will announce details in due course.

Q: I'm on the right track when it comes to sustainability. Should I still participate?

A: The GoSimple program is designed to showcase different areas of sustainable living, create a community of likeminded people and provide practical, local tips and information, so we recommend it to people of all levels.

Q: Why does the program cost 100 CHF?

A: GreenUp is a non-profit organization and is financially supported by several sponsoring partners. The registration fee does not cover costs, and it is only thanks to our partners that we can offer the program at such a low price.

Q: How does the program fit into companies’ ESG goals?

A: More and more companies are defining sustainability goals and want to implement a sustainable culture. To support this change, we help people become more responsible in their everyday lives, which include household and professional life.

Q: Which SDGs are supported by the program?

A: SDG 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities, and

SDG 12 - Responsible consumption and production

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